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DeskNote, makes taking and displaying notes a lot easier.

Have your notes on your desktop, write your notes in a text file and it will be automatically displayed on the desktop.

1. When you run it for the first time it will ask you for a todo file,create a new file and provide the path to it.



2. When it is running and monitoring your notes file, you can see it sitting in the notification area of the taskbar. Click it to see the path of the todo file. Click the balloon to launch the file.



3. The todo file will have some text written on it. This will be automatically done by the application.

any sentence starting with # will be omitted from being displayed.

[600,500,Black,22] should be there in the beginning of the file using which you can modify where the notes gets displayed on desktop and in which color and fontsize,

play with it to get the perfect setting.



4. Incase you provide a wrong color or want to choose some nice color but you dont know its name, enter something random in place of color in the [600,500,color,22] section and you will be prompted with an 

color box to choose color from when you save the file. choose a color and it will be saved in a hexadecimal format in the todo file.




5. Opening a todo file and saving is a kind of pain, so there is a very nice option for you to save your notes without keeping track of where you have saved the file.

To launch NoteTaker  press Ctrl twice and you will see a notetaker window on top of whatever you were working on. quickly enter the notes and press enter or again ctrl twice. that will hide the notetaker and save the notes in the file and update it on the wall paper.



6. This is the final output what you will see when you save the notes. Your notes from the text file will be displayed on the wallpaper.


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